Reviewer: Remotegoat; HorrorTalk. Featured Blogger: Writers & Artists (Bloomsbury). Founder: Green Ink Theatre and Green Ink Writers’ Gym.Winner: PROMIS Prize for Children’s Literature, Writers’ Forum Fiction Award.

 Staged Plays              Where the Light Gets In                                          2016
                                           Director: Hanna Berrigan
Green Ink Theatre, Waterstones Piccadilly

The First Wish                                                          2014
                                            Director: Dominique Gerrard
Endpaper, The Compass Theatre

The Rain Place                                                         2013
                                           Director: Hanna Berrigan
Green Ink Theatre
Green Ink Cabaret, The Grange Theatre

Wanted: Christmas Cheer!                               2007
                                          Director: Emily De Cosimo
The National Trust, Sutton House

                                         Jack the Giant Killer                                                            2007
                                         Director: Emily De Cosimo
HENs Theatre Company, Sutton House

Recordings               Only Way Home                                                        2009
                                       Director: Josh Weeden
Point303 Productions
BBC White City

Childplay                                                                  2009
                                       Director Josh Weeden
Point303 Productions
BBC White City

Print                           Wolf in the Mirror (Short story)                           2016
                                      Writers’ Forum Magazine – First Prize for Fiction

                                      Anything But Summertime (Extract)                   2014
                                       Fusion Ed. Maggie Hamand
CCWC Press

Out of Water (Extract)                                            2007
                                      Spring: New Writing from Bath Spa Ed. Paul Mayer
Sullis Press

The Existence of Tim (Short story)                      2005
London Writers – PROMIS Prize for Children’s Literature