My lifelong love of authentic communication and performance began in acting and directing at my local theatre. In 2008 I formed my own theatre company, fundraising for Macmillan Cancer Support through new writing productions and coaching LAMDA Exams. In art as in life, I discovered authenticity means owning your message; experiencing and expressing it in your own voice. A good director didn’t tell you what to do, they walked beside you on your path, discovering a unique character together. That’s how I directed acting and taught writing, so in discovering coaching, everything about how I already worked fell into place. I moved away from theatre for my first love of writing, completing my PhD then PGCerts in Teaching Creative Writing (Cambridge University) and Business and Personal Coaching (Barefoot Coaching/Chester University). The space I create as your coach builds confidence through curiosity and enjoyment, celebrating your voice on the page and in the world.

Coaching is a process of witnessing and supporting your thinking process: challenging limiting beliefs, identifying goals and creating development in life, work and art. Deeper awareness of your own thinking and motivation is the key coaching turns, unlocking you from automatic reactions to choosing how you show up personally and professionally. The benefits are visible at work and home, in your written and spoken communication (emails, articles, presentations, lectures, public speaking), your fiction and non-fiction, in interviews (as interviewer or interviewee), time management and performances on Zoom, stage and boardroom. As your coach, I create a confidential, positive space to explore what you want, examine how you think and fully understand the part that plays in your choices. We’ll identify the tools and resources you already have, and strengthen the relationship between your dreams and your goals, causing you to create the personal and professional life you want.

Discovery Call: 30 mins (click to explore)
A free 30-minute Zoom call to clarify where you’re at, where you want to be and how we’ll get you there.

Creative MOT: Passions, Projects, Priorities (click to explore)
An initial one-hour session to pinpoint your passions, projects and the priorities and the habits and deadlines to achieve what you want from them going forward. Go deeper into where you’re at and where you want to be: come out of your Creative MOT with clear goals and clear strategies, solidifying your sense of direction and developing confidence in your career and personal life.

Writing and Confidence: 6 Session Package or Bespoke (click to explore)
Designed for new and experienced writers of fiction, memoir, non-fiction, business and branding alike: develop your voice through and message with six weekly or alternate-weekly one-to one Zoom hours mastering the tools, focus and flow of writing. Get to know the technical and emotional techniques that bring your unique intentions, passions and wishes for your creative and business voice out of your head and into your audience’s. Full Voxer support between sessions means you can voice-note, photo-message and text your questions, think aloud and request support to keep you confident, motivated and supported as you push through your fears and achieve your goals.

Speaking in Public: 6 Session Package or Bespoke (click to explore)
Speaking to a live audience, recording material, presenting online or in person? Enjoy sharing your message with your audience with the tools of authentic performance. From mental focus and physical breath control to how to work with your interviewer, interviewee or in a Q&A, explore the relationship between the mental and physical elements of storytelling and how the right relationship with the audience in your head connects, then convinces. Six weekly or alternate-weekly one-to one Zoom hours, with full Voxer support between sessions. Full Voxer support between sessions means you can voice-note, photo-message and text your questions, think aloud and request support to keep you confident, motivated and supported as you push through your fears and achieve your goals.

For Life, Work and Art: 3-, 6- or 12-Month Bespoke Packages (click to explore)
Are you looking for longer-term support, as you build or rebuild your creative work, confidence, or the place writing has in your life? Your bespoke coaching package ensures support, space and time to assess and reassess how you’ll turn your dreams into goals and goals into habits. Weekly or alternate-weekly Zoom hours, weekly or alternate-weekly editing/marking of fiction, non-fiction branding or CV writing and unlimited Voxer support between sessions so you are constantly supported as you choose, embody and inhabit a life and work that looks and feels like you.