Green Ink Sponsored Write 2023: Lisa Morton & Jim X. Dodge

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Lisa Morton

Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself, writing, and/or life outside writing?

My name is Lisa Morton, I’m a writer based in Los Angeles, and I’m an expert in the history of the paranormal and Halloween. I have a day job (that I love) working in a used and rare bookstore, I live in the foothills of the San Fernando Valley with my significant other, I was born and raised in L.A. and love the city, and when not researching or writing, I enjoy gardening, music, movies, all manner of animals, and helping other writers.

What’s it been like Sponsored Writing in the past? Are you a ‘deadlines person’? 

I’m fortunate enough to have reached a point in my writing journey where I always have a lengthy to-do list of work I owe various parties, so I HAVE to be a deadlines person! 

I’ve really enjoyed the Sponsored Writing outings in years past. It comes during October, my busiest month of the year, so forcing myself to take a few hours and sit down to just spin a yarn is something I really need.

What do you make of Paul Tremblay’s theme for this year, A Well of Strength/The Strength of Will?

Ooooh, just now hearing it…well, because I’m a horror writer, I’m immediately going to the horror of someone who prides themself on their strength suddenly losing it. Beyond that…I have no idea yet!

Absolutely anything else you’d like to share! 🙂

This is where I should probably plug my two newest releases: The Art of the Zombie Movie is my first big coffee table art book (and yes, I did have to assemble the 500+ illustrations as well as the text!), and has just been released by Applause Books; and Placerita, a novella co-written with John Palisano, is forthcoming in December from Cemetery Dance. You can find more about me (including links to my monthly author newsletter and social media) at 

Jim X. Dodge

1) Hello! Tell us a bit about yourself, writing, and/or life outside writing? My name is Jim X Dodge and I live in Panama City, FL with my wife Amy and our chihuahua Etta. I have been writing seriously since I was 14. I’m 48 now so that adds up to 34 (long) years… I mostly write dark fiction and horror and my book Theta House was released by Earth Island Books in May. Right now I have a new book that is in my publisher’s hands that should hopefully be released later this year.

2) Are you a ‘deadlines person’? Is that part of the challenge or the attraction? I haven’t had to work under many deadlines since I graduated high school. I’m not a fan of them but this particular writing challenge was announced so far in advance of the event date that I’ve had plenty of time to come up with ideas and to make notes.

3) Many involved have personal connections with Macmillan Cancer Support. Do you want to share any experience of the charity’s work? I hadn’t previously heard of Macmillan Cancer Support but anyone that’s helping to battle cancer in any form deserves support. It’s a writing challenge and I’m a writer so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to help. I have lost a grandfather to lung cancer and have had other family members diagnosed with various forms of the disease. Fortunately, all of them went into remission and lived for years after their treatment.

4) What do you make of Paul Tremblay’s theme for this year, A Well of Strength/The Strength of Will? I think it’s perfect. One thing that happens to many people with a cancer diagnosis is the loss of hope. If the result of this writing challenge is to give people any measure of strength to help them get through their treatment then it will be time well spent. 

5) Absolutely anything else you’d like to share! 🙂 I look forward to seeing what the other writers come up with and I would like to thank you for allowing me to participate. I’ll see you on October 14th!