This is the face (alright, phone cover) of a writer

She doesn’t like telling people about projects while they’re still up in the air (part sense, part superstition).

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But she’s just sent a proposal into the world for something that would be very exciting if it happens — and if it doesn’t happen that way, isn’t a yes from who it’s gone to, she already knows it’s going to happen another way.

So this is a happy writer.

A happy freelance writer.

If she hadn’t chosen the unknown over the unhappy, she would never have taken the first steps into a life that is shaped around her. She’d still be trying to force herself into the shape of something else that wasn’t her.

Freelance life isn’t the easy option. But on days like this, where the planets (and work hours) align and she gets to meet her friend somewhere local and lovely on what once would have been a work day, she thanks that scared, previous version of herself with all her freelance soul.

If you’re looking for the courage, and the community, to make creative confidence your ‘normal’, it’s right here.

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