What’s On at the Writers’ Gym?

Take your words for a workout this week, 1-7 June

Many years ago, before I was published and before I realised how much knowing I had the right to write came into what I did (or didn’t do), here is what I noticed: enthusiastic, talented writers would turn up for workshops, full of good intentions. They’d return the next week, full of those same good intentions. What happened to us in between? Lots of things. Life. But not very much writing. This wasn’t because writing wasn’t important to us. The opposite was the truth. We don’t put off the things that don’t have to be done at all, unless we care a great deal how they turn out. 

The Writers’ Gym was born of that recognition: that, as with the physical gym, writers can develop strategies to make, and keep, writing a regular and healthy routine; that what goes on the page begins in our mindset.

Creative confidence doesn’t just affect what happens on the page. It’s how we approach career and personal life decisions, conversations, and everything else we care about.

If you’re new to the Writers’ Gym, drop in any time this week:

Saturday 1 June, 2pm-3pm at Riverside Studios: Curious about creative writing? Love flexing those storytelling muscles but don’t always find the time to make it a habit? Drop in for a writing workout at the Writers’ Gym. A fun and freeing work-out to build your confidence and your word-count. 

Monday 3 June, 11-1pm: The Writing Room FREE for everyone on my mailing list. Time and space to think and write with likeminded people. No expectations, no readings, just an open chat box and unmuting for ten minutes’ chat at the end.

Monday 3 June, 6:30-8pm: Your Writing Career Whether you’re considering your first steps into professional writing or are looking to expand on the writing career you’ve already begun, this is the place to clarify the aims, markets and networks that will get you where you want to be, and how to make sure you treat your ‘dreams’ as the goals they truly are.

Wednesday 5 June, 1-2:30pm: Coffee & Creativity Community time to talk, write, and share work, ambitions and celebrations. Free for Writers’ Gym members. Free for Writers’ Gym members: type your discount code where indicated.

Thursday 6 June, 7-9pm: Freelance Writing Toolkit at Riverside Studios: Week 1 is all about Thinking on the Page: Explore your motivation and interests as a writer, extend the power and reach of your voice, and discover how that voice directs you to new markets and opportunities.

Friday 7 May, 12-1pm: Friday Writing Workout Boost your confidence and your word-count with our lunch-hour writing workout. Whether you’re an experienced writer or just beginning, enjoy exercises, discussion, tips and techniques to build your strength, knowledge and creativity.

Members and VIP Members: please use your exclusive codes on any online workshops to activate your discount. Forgotten/lost your code? No problem: just email info@rachelknightley.com or ask in the Voxer app.

Plan your writing workouts from events listed up to a month ahead, or request your membership booklet on the website.

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