Writers’ Gym Series 2 trailer

Welcome to the second series of The Writers’ Gym Podcast.  The Writers’ Gym Podcast: The Writers’ Gym Trailer on Apple Podcasts

We’ll be releasing episodes weekly – each Wednesday – from 6th March and we’ll cover topics such as:

  • How not to give feedback
  • Editing 101
  • Unreliable narrators 
  • World building
  • “What’s Your Wessex?”: A guide to place in fiction
  • Layout
  • “Write what you know”: A discussion

Each episode features Rachel Knightley, Emily Inkpen and Chris Gregory

The Writers Gym Podcast is an Alternative Stories production for The Writers’ Gym.  

Find out more about The Writers’ Gym and Rachel Knightley by going to https://www.rachelknightley.com/

Find out more about Emily Inkpen and her work by going to https://www.emilyinkpen.com/

Find out more about Chris Gregory and Alternative Stories here https://alternativestories.com/