Writing, Speaking & Confidence Coach

Coaching is a process of witnessing and supporting your thinking process: challenging limiting beliefs, identifying goals and supporting development in life and work. The journey you take with your coach is one of personal and professional self-realisation, and each journey is as individual as each person who chooses to take it.

For under 18s, I offer LAMDA Exams in communication and performance, including public speaking, acting, speaking verse and prose and reading for performance, developing and exploring the authentic voice which makes ever writer, speaker and actor unique. I also coach English, Comprehension and Creative Writing.

Confidence and Clarity in Life, Work and Art
Whatever the areas of personal and professional development in which you’re looking to build confidence and clarify direction, the communication skills and self-knowledge you develop through coaching are the world’s most transferable life skills. A greater understanding of your own thinking and motivation is the key coaching turns to unlocking you from automatic reactions to the people and situations in your professional and personal life, into informed responses based on true objectives. The benefits will be with you in all your interactions at work, home and everywhere else: your written and spoken communication (from emails or articles to presentations, lectures and public speaking), your fiction and non-fiction writing, in interviews (whether you’re interviewer or interviewee), time management, boundaries, and in your performance, whether that’s over the phone or on Zoom, treading the boards or presenting to the boardroom.

Working with Rachel
As your coach, I create a confidential, positive space to explore what you want, examine how you think and fully understand the part that plays in your choices. I will help you identify the tools and resources you already have to guide and inform you, and support you in developing confidence and direction around how you utilise them. Getting to know the stories that inform your understanding of, and beliefs about, the world and your interactions within it, means we strengthen the relationship between your dreams, values and goals, along with identifying and removing any blocks or obstacles that might be holding you back as you create the personal and professional life you want. As an ICF member, and a qualified tutor of written and spoken communication and performance (PhD: Creative Writing, PGCert: Teaching Creative Writing: Cambridge University), I work with any and all aspects of confident and authentic speaking, writing and living.

To explore coaching for life, work and art, book a free 30-minute consultation callOr, to book a one-off “introductory” coaching session, a half-term plan or full term plan, request a brochure of coaching packages.

Sessions are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. I teach online and from my private home address. Full address details or Zoom link is only provided once your booking has been a) invoiced and b)paid in full. 
  1. I offer a free 30-minute chat session on Zoom for any aspect of coaching. If coach and prospective client choose to go ahead with coaching, you will be offered an introductory session before making a longer booking. Please do not ask to meet a new coach separately to your trial session: meeting before/instead of a trial session does not benefit coaches, coaching clients or, where applicable, their parents/guardians as the coach is repeating information about content and practise you will not be seeing in action and will have heard already. 
  1. All bookings are date-specific and time-specific. It is the client’s responsibility to note and record the dates and times of lessons; failure to do so will mean that lesson is forfeited and no refund or replacement will be offered. 
  1. Bookings are not confirmed until full payment has been transferred and acknowledged by email. The sooner payment is made, the sooner your booking will be finalised (a minimum of 7 days after the invoice is issued (or 24 hours before the first lesson in the booking if sooner than 7 days).
  1. Twenty-four hours’ notice is required to postpone or cancel a private booking. Otherwise, the full session fee will be charged.
  1. I reserve the right to refuse bookings and services at my discretion. I will cease working with a client if their manner should become aggressive, offensive or abusive, or if I judge that I cannot provide an appropriate level of, or time for, the specific client.