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In addition to my published fiction and non-fiction, other features, articles and audio/visual essays include work for Starburst Magazine and YouTube, Severin Films, Indicator Films, Second Sight Films, Writing Magazine, Fangoria and Jewish Renaissance. Awards include the PROMIS Prize for Children’s Literature (‘The Existence of Tim’) and First Prize for Fiction in Writers’ Forum Magazine (‘Wolf in the Mirror’).  Read me on Substack here.

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More Publications

Twisted Branches (2023)
Short story collection
Black Shuck Books

As Much Bridget Jones as Carrie… Lucky McKee’s May (2023)
Second Sight Films

English Aesthetic with Giallo Blood: Video Essay on The Seventh Grave (2023)
Danza Macabre vol. 1
Severin Films

Violet Green (2021) Short Story in Dreamland
Black Shuck Books

Beyond Glass (2021)
Black Shuck Books

Your Creative Writing Toolkit (2020)
Green Ink Writers’ Gym

Midsummer Eve (Oct 2020) Short Story in Great British Horror 5
Black Shuck Books

GCSE Drama Study and Revision Guide (2020)
Illuminate Publishing

Laura (2020) Short Story in Starburst Magazine
Starburst Publishing

Green Lady (2019) Short Story in Legacies of Loss
York Publishing. ed. Catherine Wynne, Valerie Sanders and Richard Meek

Duty of Care (2018) Short Story in Woman’s Weekly: December Fiction Special

Before I Walked Away (2018) Short Story in Uncertainties III 
Swan River Press, ed. Lynda E. Rucker 

Wolf in the Mirror (2016) Short Story in Writers’ Forum  
First Prize: Fiction

Extract from ‘Anything But Summertime’ (2016) in Fusion 
CCWC Press, ed. Maggie Hamand

Extract from ‘Out of Water’ (2014) in Spring
Sullis Press ed. Paul Mayer     

 The Existence of Tim (2005) Short Story in London Writers Anthology 2005
PROMIS Prize: Children’s Literature

Staged Plays             

Behind the Sofa (2024) Director: Paul Collins
The Questors Theatre

Real (2019) Director: David Hovatter
The Questors Theatre

Where the Light Gets In (2016) Director: Hanna Berrigan
Green Ink Theatre, Waterstones Piccadilly

The First Wish (2014) Director: Dominique Gerrard
Endpaper, The Compass Theatre

The Rain Place (2013) Director: Hanna Berrigan
Green Ink Theatre – Green Ink Cabaret, The Grange Theatre

Wanted: Christmas Cheer! (2007) Director: Emily De Cosimo
HENs Theatre Company/The National Trust, Sutton House

 Jack the Giant Killer  (2007) Director: Emily De Cosimo
HENs Theatre Company/The National Trust, Sutton House


Only Way Home  (2009)   Producer: Josh Weedon
Ealing Studios                      

Childplay (2009) Producer: Michael Steel
Point303 Productions/ BBC White City