Connection Through Imperfection, with John-Paul Flintoff

Performance provides us with ‘factory conditions’ to understand our own reality.

Internationally best-selling author, artist, journalist and speaker John-Paul Flintoff trained in improvisation with Keith Johnstone. He designs today’s word-count workout alongside Rachel Knightley as they discuss the benefits of stagecraft on communication, and how performance provides ‘factory conditions’ for understanding your own character motivation offstage as much as on it.

John-Paul’s books include the internationally bestselling How to Change the World, and A Modest Book on How to Make an Adequate Speech.  John-Paul will also be joining the Writer’s Gym’s Green Ink Sponsored Write for Macmillan Cancer Support on 14 October 2023. To receive your world-exclusive anthology of new writing 48 hours after the event ends, click here.