Meet the Sponsored Writers 1: Lisa Morton and Charlotte Bond

Green Ink Sponsored Write is an annual fund-raising event for Macmillan Cancer Support. To be receive the world-exclusive anthology two days after it’s written, visit

Meet Lisa

I’m Lisa Morton, a writer of screenplay, fiction, and non-fiction. I’m the author of four novels, more than 150 short stories, and a number of non-fiction books on Halloween and the paranormal. 

I discovered Sponsored Write in 2021 when I was invited to participate (thank you!).

Are you a “deadlines person” outside the Sponsored Write? Is the time-limit part of the challenge or the attraction?

Well, yes and no. At this point in my writing career I no longer have time to write things on spec, so nearly everything I write now involves deadlines. On the one hand it keeps me scheduled and motivated; on the other hand, it can lead to some serious rises in blood pressure! I do occasionally miss those days when I wrote solely for myself, but I wouldn’t trade where I am now for anything.

What’s it like being in a Sponsored Write?

I’m one of those writers who likes the challenge of writing to a theme; my goal is always to take the assigned theme and make it over into my own distinct work. Add on the goal of helping a worthwhile charity and (hopefully) creating a new story that will entertain readers, and I end up finding it a very satisfying experience.

What do you make of this year’s theme, ‘Constant Renewal’?

I’m not sure yet! Really, at this point I have no idea what I’m going to do with it. I’m also a tremendous fan of Ramsey Campbell, so I  hope to come up with something good!

Absolutely anything else you’d like to share!?

My big book project of this year (which I sadly can’t share yet) has been a huge, very technical endeavor; it’ll be a pleasure to take a break from it to pound out a new short story (which is really my favorite format). Thank you again for the invite.

Meet Charlotte

Hey! I’m Charlotte Bond, and I’m an author, freelance editor and ghostwriter, reviewer, and podcaster. I tend to stick to the realms of horror and dark fantasy for my own work, but I’ve ghostwritten everything from children’s fantasy to romance, YA to cosy mysteries. I review for various websites and I also do a huge chunk of reading for the podcast Breaking the Glass Slipper where I’m a co-host alongside a couple of fabulous women, Megan Leigh and Lucy Hounsom.

I’d seen writer friends do the Sponsored Write before and thought it was a great idea. I was blown away by the camaraderie and enthusiasm all the writers seemed to have in the run up to the day itself. So when Rachel Knightley approached me in 2021 and asked me if I’d like to join in, I immediately said yes! And I’m even more thrilled to be asked back for 2022 (which I guess means I behaved myself well enough last year to be allowed out to play again).

2) Are you a “deadlines person” outside the Sponsored Write? Is the time-limit part of the challenge or the attraction?

Dear Lord, I hate deadlines! But that’s only because I’m the main carer for my daughter, so a deadline can be thrown into utter disarray by a sudden bug at school, or the need to attend sports day, or, you know, homeschool for several months! So while I find deadlines quite useful from a writer’s POV because they help me to focus and avoid procrastination, I always ensure that any deadline I agree to has enough spare capacity in case I end up looking after my daughter due to unforeseen circumstances.

For me, the time-limit for the Sponsored Write is such a unique form of deadline that it makes the whole process take on a different feel. When I think of the writing process, I think of that timeline graph where there’s a big long stretch of procrastination, then panic, then working like crazy, and then the deadline. But there’s no time to procrastinate with the sponsored write – and no chance to abandon an idea and start a new one if the first one doesn’t work out!

But I have to admit, it gets results. Each writer producing a whole short story in a few hours that almost immediately goes to publication – it’s an amazing achievement all round.

3) Many of the writers involved have personal connections with Macmillan Cancer Support. Do you have experience of the charity’s work?

I don’t personally, but I know plenty of people with cancer who’ve been incredibly grateful for the work of Macmillan. They are a company tackling one of the most important issues in medicine today, and I’m happy to support them for everyone out there – present and future – who faces cancer. 

4) What’s it like being in a Sponsored Write?

It’s really good fun! Even though this year I can’t make the whole day itself, I’ll certainly be logging on to say hi to everyone as it’s such a great atmosphere. Writing can be a lonely business, but events like this remind you that there are other people out there with the same experiences and frustrations as you. It’s a great way to be creative and connect with others. 

5) What do you make of this year’s theme, ‘Constant Renewal’?

I think it’s a great choice – well done Ramsey! It’s a theme central to everyone’s life. In so many little ways – as well as big ones – our lives are constantly renewing. There’s no standing still, which can be both invigorating and challenging. 

Sometimes a renewal in life can be welcome, like a snake shedding its old skin. Sometimes it can be painful, as we have to let go of the familiar. But it’s always intriguing, and it’s a great theme for writers to play with.